Styles of Metallic Epoxy Flooring in Tampa

Metallic Epoxy flooring in Tampa versus vinyl is a question that sometimes comes up. I’m going to see if I can answer this as easily as possible but that probably won’t work. So let’s go!


Now there’s a lot of different tastes out there as to what kind of flooring the person is looking for. Sometimes someone can look at the upfront costs, but why do you want to do is look at the total cost. Remember there will be some sort of ongoing maintenance whether you purchase metallic Epoxy flooring in Tampa or luxury vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is dependent on water-based he saves to bind it to the concrete. Overtime for matter and moisture can make their way under the tile. If this occurs it will cause the corners to be kin to point upwards. Also air pockets may occur over time.

Once this stars  to occur with the tiles, you will begin to have an issue with harsh cleaning chemicals that will continue to remove the bond between the tiles in the concrete.

The great thing with metallic Epoxy flooring in Tampa is that the epoxy itself becomes part of the concrete. That’s what I like about that. It just becomes part of the floor and makes it better than it originally was. So you don’t have the same worries as you would with a vinyl floor.

Now because metallic Epoxy flooring in Tampa becomes one with the concrete, that makes it more hygienic. Why would I say that? I would say that because you don’t have to worry about something getting embedded between the cracks of the tiles or even going underneath them. With epoxy flooring, you just clean it and it’s done! There’s nothing to get under when it comes to the epoxy.

Also, when it comes time to replace the vinyl floor, you’re dealing with a lot of waste. Normally an Epoxy floor may need only rebuffing, thereby reducing the amount of waste that is produced. If you are environmentally conscience, this is something to think about.

Also did I mention that metallic Epoxy flooring is more durable than vinyl? Vinyl has a Tennessee over time to produce tears and scuffs. This increases the maintenance and labor costs to keep the vinyl floor functional. Whereas Epoxy flooring is very durable and can resist the most intense treatment against it.

All in all if I had a choice, I would choose metallic Epoxy flooring!

Joshua Bannon