Cesspool Service Long Island explains How a Septic System Works

You can just imagine and cringe at the thought of how dirty, not to mention full of bacteria, waste materials from your toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry are. You can somehow simply put, they are the mother of all wastes. But do you ever wonder where wastewater from your home is thrown away? Rob from Cesspool Service Long Island gives a simple explanation.


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Wastewater, be it domestic, industrial, commercial, or environmental, contains toxic or harmful substances. Therefore, proper disposal of wastewater must be done to avoid eventual consequences such as health hazards and other expensive problems. Prevention is better than cure it is.


Septic System: Where Dirty Works Happen


Most homeowners in Long Island, New York and anywhere else have installed a septic system to take care of their domestic wastewater.


As further explained by Cesspool Service Long Island, a septic system is a cost-effective, highly efficient, underground wastewater treatment system. It has two main parts: a septic tank and a drainfield. As wastewater flows out from your home, it is then directed towards the septic tank which serves as its reservoir. It contains the wastewater long enough until solids and liquids separate, forming three layers inside the tank:


  • Scum


It is the uppermost layer consisting of solids lighter than water (such as oils or greases).


  • Sludge


It is made up of heavier solids that settle at the bottom.


  • The partially clarified wastewater forms the middle layer.


Roy from Cesspool Service Long Island. continues to explain, the scum and sludge are further broken down by natural wastewater bacteria and stay inside the septic tank until it is pumped, while the clarified liquid is evenly distributed into the drainfield where it is biologically filtered by gravel and soil. With all these works performed by your entire septic system, septic tank maintenance in Long Island is a must.


Septic Tank Maintenance in Long Island, New York

Your septic system at home deals with the dirty job for you. In return, you can pay off its effort through adequate repair and maintenance. Many companies in this industry perform septic tank maintenance in Long Island, septic tank cleaning in Long Island, and even cesspool service in Long Island as well.


When to Pump Your Tank

Experts in septic tank cleaning in Long Island have a checklist to determine if your septic tank already needs pumping. Three factors included are:


  • The number of people in your home


  • The amount of wastewater


  • The volume of solids in the wastewater


Aside from the repair, maintenance, and cesspool service in Long Island offered by companies expert in the field, you yourself can protect and prolong your septic system’s function life by reading and following these simple tips:


  1. Your toilet is not a garbage can. Do not flush cat litters, sanitary pads, tissues, or whatnot to avoid clogging.


  1. Always remember, grease compromises your drainfield’s absorption ability.


  1. Do not poison your septic tank by draining solvents, toilet bowl cleaners, polishes, or coating among many others.


Lastly, you cannot just rely your septic system’s lifespan to its maintenance every now and then. Septic tank cleaning in Long Island and cesspool service in Long Island can be done by experts but you also have to responsible on your own as well.

Joshua Bannon